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Take the first step to wellness with Gina B Consulting for an EASY approach to find balance, de-clutter, sleep better, eat well, move more, release weight, stress less and even quit tobacco for good. Individual, group and small business employee wellness services available.

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Gina Borchardt

Hi, I'm Gina. I'm the person people connect with when they're looking for holistic, spiritual, and healthful ways to get their Zen on. 

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What Does wellness mean?
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Many believe that wellness is only achieved through diet and exercise. Of course, both factors are important, but wellness is not just about physical health.

Wellness is a more general feeling, an inner radiance of health, harmony, strength and beauty. Wellness is the state of a person as a whole; the body, mind and spirit.

Holistic wellness counseling approaches each person with these things in mind, helping to balance all areas that affect personal well-being.

If you need support and direction in being your best self, let Gina B Consulting assist you in making the changes you need to love yourself, and find balance and wellness in your life. 

Maybe you’re eager to solve a recurring health challenge, to find more natural ways to support your health, or just to feel better and more energized every day.

Whatever your intentions, you’ve probably been finding a lot of conflicting information out there. With thousands of books, blogs and podcasts on every health topic, how do you know whom to listen to and what’s right for you? Rest assured, living well doesn’t have to be so confusing.

Gina B Consulting is for anyone who needs a little help finding their way to living a healthy and balanced  lifestyle. Gina will help you get there with an EASY, back to basic approach incorporating new habits that help you achieve the well-being you desire.

Individual Counseling

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Group sessions and guest speaking are available. Read more about Gina's group session offerings  and how she can fit into your next gathering.

Small Business


Employee Wellness is Gina's specialty. Learn more on how Gina can address the needs of your small business.

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Together we will come up with a plan to help you become your best self the EASY way. I will call you at your scheduled time; expect our call to last 25-30 minutes.
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