individual phone sessions for holistic wellness counseling

"I keep sacred the daily habits that make me feel good and allow my cells to vibrate at their highest potential."  
-Hay House Daily Affirmations

Holistic wellness services for individuals


Who is this for?


  • feeling overwhelmed and fatigued

  • struggling to find hope, joy and peace

  • whose bodies don't feel as youthful as their inner self

  • struggling to quiet their mind and fall asleep

  • unhappy with their current weight

  • whose self-care has taken a back seat to everyone and everything else

  • who often feel their get-up-and-go has gone and went

  • who want to be tobacco free

what is holistic wellness counseling 

Holistic counseling is an approach which helps an individual make changes by taking the entire human being and their experiences into consideration through assessment and personalized plan development. Gina can help with overcoming obstacles that have stopped you in the past, moving you forward to create the quality of life you are looking for.

Good habits are just as addictive as bad habits but are much more rewarding. Gina can help with changing your mindset, by creating new routines and positive habits that honor you and help you maintain your best self. 

Gina uses a relaxed approach. She works with you and for you by listening to your needs, allowing you to move forward at your own pace. Start your wellness journey today and talk with Gina to create an EASY, personalized plan with one-on-one support. Phone consultations are confidential and flexible, available to you at home, work or even when you travel.

It gives Gina great pleasure when she can hear someone feel empowered though the weekly phone consultations as they make the necessary adjustments for effective change to feel good. Together you will create success for a healthy, happy life.

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Call on Gina B Consulting 
to help you manage stress

Gina knows how busy we all are and how it can feel impossible to achieve balance. Managing our lives and our stress can be a full time job. Gina can help you set healthy boundaries, manage your priorities and focus on bringing joy and wellbeing back into your life. Schedule your FREE consultation now and get yourself back on track and living life with ease.

Quit tobacco for good with one-on-one support from gina b consulting

Gina can help you prepare to quit tobacco for good. Gina helps you to overcome your fears of quitting and the need for tobacco through small steps tailored specifically to your physical, emotional and behavioral habits. Schedule your FREE consultation to find out how you can be tobacco FREE.

Gina B Consulting can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle

Gina has helped many clients discover how to move more, eat and sleep better, and release extra weight. Gina can bring any task to a level that is manageable by breaking it into smaller, EASY steps, tailored just for you. Gina gives her clients attention, encouragement and understanding to help them stay on track.  

Get the help you need. Set up a FREE phone consultation appointment and take the first step to a healthier and happier you.

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It's EASY to achieve success with bi-weekly calls and check-ins for one-on-one support. Gina wants you to feel good and will help you every step of the way.

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